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"The DEI Master Class was inspirational!  Kari and Al shared their substantial and in-depth knowledge in a clear and engaging way.  Each module provided an excellent foundation for the weekly topic.  Collaboration and sharing among the participants led to some rich discussions about how to implement the tools in our own environments.  I feel confident that my experience in the DEI Master Class has given me the framework, tools and confidence to implement a successful and impactful DEI strategy!"

-HR Professional, global security company



ERGs and Diversity Councils


Companies are feeling the push from customers and employees to create inclusive + equitable workplaces. If your organization is feeling pressure to act, this program will guide you through creating and expanding a diversity and inclusion program and strategy. Over just two month, our diversity experts will guide you through gaining the insights and skills needed to build a diversity program and plan that is practical, aligned to business goals and that fits your organization's budget and culture. The learning path provides opportunities for you to address your organization's specific needs.

The Diversity and Inclusion Master Class will guide you through:

  • Developing a diversity mission statement and diversity strategic plan
  • Creating tailored definitions for diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Obtaining buy-in from leaders and employees at all levels
  • Crafting your diversity story with a communication plan
  • Assessing learning needs and creating an educational plan
  • Choosing metrics to measure your results and report on your ROI
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Building and supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)​




The Foundation

Engage The Workforce


People Shaking Hands Outside Building

Whether you are building you first Diversity & Inclusion strategy, or you need to enhance and evolve your existing one, this program will jumpstart your organization's commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion Master Class

Educate Your Workforce

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Building or Expanding a Diversity Program

Track Results

Pricing Guide

5 Core Modules:
• 1-2 people: $8,500
• 3-4 people: $15,000

Core + 1 Elective:
• 1-2 people: $10,000
• 3-4 people: $17,800

Core + 2 Electives:
• 1-2 people: $11,500
• 3-4 people: $20,600

Individual Module:
• 1-2 people: $2,500
• 3-4 people: $4,000

To register please
contact CCI.

Contact CCI to inquire about special pricing for groups, in-house programs, non-profits and government agencies rates.

The Customizable Diversity & Inclusion Master Class Includes:

  • ​Instructor-led training delivered virtually to groups of no more than 25 people
  • Five core modules each focusing on a critical element of diversity & inclusion
    • ​​Strategy, Gaining Buy-in, Communication, Education, Metrics
  • Two Elective Modules covering Recruiting and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Suite of tools including strategic planning templates, pocket guides, metrics and diversity integration models
  • ​A comprehensive workbook to assist in developing your customized strategy
  • Engagement with other leaders for sharing best practices & celebrating success
  • Nine months of Micro-Education using QStream to continue learning
  • Assessments to gauge progress during and after the program

Tell Your Story

All classes 1-4 pm EST

Class 1:  Strategy
Class 2:  Engagement
Class 3:  Training and Education
Class 4: Communication
Class 5:  Metrics
Class 6:  Employee Resource Groups
Class 7:  Diversity Recruiting