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A course designed for professionals starting diversity work or taking on a diversity leadership role.

Diversity Leadership Course


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How to Lead Diversity and Change in Your Organization

The topic of diversity can be an overwhelming one. If you are just getting started with diversity work or if you are looking to deepen your soft skills in diversity, this two part course is for you.

Exploring Diversity Part I:

  • Exploring the history of diversity, equity and inclusion and the evolution over time of how the topic of diversity is seen
  • Changing demographics and their impact upon diversity
  • The urgency for DEI work now
  • Diversity Terminology
  • Understand personal filters, their impact upon perceptions and interactions and how they frame your diversity work
  • Your diversity history - an exploration of key events and experiences and the insights that they bring to your work

Exploring Diversity Part II:

  • Unconscious bias: What it is, how it impacts diversity work and tips for overcoming bias
  • DEI practitioners as change agents
  • Selling DEI to senior leaders for support, budget and engagement

2021 Dates

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One person: $2,500

Two people: $4,500

Three people: $6,500

Four people: $8,000

Have a large group of people who want to attend? Ask about bringing this course in-house.

Course designed for:

  • HR Professionals taking on DEI work
  • Diversity Champions
  • Diversity Professionals starting their careers