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Race and Social Equity: Let's Have the Conversation:Recording

This webinar focused on tips and techniques on how to have a conversation about race with dignity and respect for all involved.

​​Talking Race @ Work  program is launching soon. Click here for more info.

Put Your Own Mask On First: Supporting Managers During Fluid Times: Recording
Managers are facing many challenges right now and this webinar focused on how to help support managers in a constantly changing and fluid environment

Diversity and Inclusion Training During Covid-19: Engaging Distributed Workforces: Recording
A panel discussion on different techniques for providing diversity training during the pandemic. This included webinars, virtual training programs, online training and micro-education using the Qstream platform

Reintegration from an Employee Perspective in Hospitality: Recording
It is only a matter of time before your property reopens and you welcome guests back. With all of the excitement and challenges surrounding reopening, especially with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, it can be easy to forget to acknowledge and properly support the people who allow the reopening to happen – your staff.

Bias in a Virtual World: Recording
With all of us working more and more in a virtual space, how do our biases get triggered and how do we pay attention to them?  This course will look at where biases come from, what triggers them and ways to pay more attention to them. 

How Well Do You Bounce: Maintaining Resiliency During the Pandemic: Recording
When we are faced with challenges, we turn to our resiliency to help us move through the challenges.  This training will focus on exploring what resiliency is and how to develop it for yourself. 

Building Inclusion Across Dispersed Teams: Recording
With teams working across dispersed location and time zones, it falls upon diversity professionals to help teams to know how to work inclusively over so many locations.

Reintegration Strategies: From Dispersed Teams to the New Normal: Recording
With an eye towards when employees will return to work and a new normal (whatever that shall be), it is important that organizations take into account what employees have gone through during the pandemic and how this impacts their return to work.  We will be sharing an employee experiences map. 

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