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Unconscious Bias Tips Cards
Using the acronym HIDDEN these business card tips cards are an excellent reminder of how bias impacts our perceptions and interactions. They are also great team meeting discussion cards as each letter can become a question to pose to the team.

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Unconscious bias impacts our lives numerous times a date. It impacts what who we talk to, how we interact and the decisions that we make. Increasingly people are paying attention to how unconscious bias impacts how we interact with our colleagues at work. Culture Coach has developed a series of tools to help teams talk about unconscious bias and how it impacts their interactions with each other.

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Card

Company name goes on the front of the card replacing the . Color of the card can be changed to reflect company branding.

Unconscious Bias Tip Card Front
Unconscious Bias Tip Card Back

Interested A Longer Program On Unconscious Bias?

Powerpoint on Unconscious Bias

CCI has developed a powerpoint presentation on Unconscious Bias that expands upon the HIDDEN tips. It can be by managers and facilitators to have a discussion about the information presented on the HIDDEN cards.  Licensing options are available based upon use.

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Cards

​This set of cards brings together 12 cards from our other Team Sparks card collections and changes the questions on the back to focus on unconscious bias and assumptions.  Each card has a short insightful story on the front of the card. Each back of the card has four questions for team discussion. These are an excellent team meeting discussion tool.  They are easy for managers and supervisors and instructions are included.

Unconscious Bias

Culture Coach has teamed up with Sollah Interactive to create a year-long program on unconscious bias.  The program is geared towards four quarters of content that can be used by managers with their teams, or used by diversity and inclusion professionals to delve deeper into the topic.

The program has:
Four short Smart Start introductory videos including an introduction to bias for 
employee and managers
Four Activities on Bias - a crossword puzzle, a quotes mix and match, an overcoming bias exercise and a Who Am I activity that challenges first assumptions.
Four Team Spark Videos based on the Team Sparks cards for team discussions on bias. Topics include Checking Assumptions Before Judging (looking for who a person is beyond first impressions), Seeing Potential Not Limitations (seeing what a person can bring not a stereotype), Mixing Diverse Personalities (bias about personality styles) , Investing Time to Build Trust (how to develop trust on diverse teams without bias getting in the way)
Four "OH!" series videos that highlight: bias in selecting candidates to hire, bias in employee reviews, bias in customer service and bias against new ideas.  These short videos use actors to portray real-life situations where bias appears and an employee needs to find a way to address it.
HIDDEN powerpoint for discussion
Two E-Learning Videos on Bias: These longer programs address bias in more depth.

The program is currently being developed and products are being added as they are being completed to the TAG (Training Assets Gateway) library. You can access 
TAG here.