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This blog is written and maintained by the members of the Culture Coach International team. We enjoy sharing cultural related content with our followers in the diversity and cross cultural fields, including originally written articles on the history behind international holidays, important figures, and other events that affect the workplace and beyond.

Culture Coach International: Who We Are

Travel anywhere in the world and you will notice the diversity of employees and the marketplace changing rapidly. To stay competitive, companies must learn to leverage the power of diversity or risk being left behind. Culture Coach International has, since 1998, been assisting clients in the corporate, nonprofit, educational, healthcare and government sectors to leverage the power of diversity. We provide customized training programs, consulting and business tools such as self-study curriculum guides on diversity topics.

Kari Heistad, CEO of Culture Coach International
Kari has been wandering the world for 30 years and loves to explore not only the differences between us, but also the similarities that we have. She has worked with corporate clients, inner-city youth, nonprofit organizations and world leaders.  Kari leads an international team of trainers, consultants and curriculum developers at CCI’s headquarters located just outside of Boston, MA in addition to the European office in Dublin, Ireland.

Changing the Definition of Diversity
As a company we believe that by broadening the definition of diversity beyond the concepts of race, gender and nationality to include elements such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, generation, physical and mental ability, and parental status allows us to engage everyone in the diversity conversation. Instead of an exclusionary concept of “us understanding them” the concept becomes an inclusive one of “us understanding us. “ This allows us to build bridges of understanding among all employees.

We focus on the practical application of our expertise in the business environment. This provides companies with the leverage to shift both organizational culture and behaviors so that they reflect an inclusive environment, one that respects a diversity of thought, style, lifestyle and ethnicity.

During client engagements we focus on developing a collaborative relationship where the strengths and skills of the client are combined with the cultural expertise of CCI to create practical and strategic applications. We are committed to creating an inclusive cultural dynamic that assists our clients in putting the power of diversity to work for them.

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