Ad Age Article: The Greatest (Spending) Generation Baby Boomers Spend the Most on … Everything

Posted by Matt Carmichael on 10.12.10 @ 03:58 PM

First off, if you read this blog and haven’t read our entire consumer issue, you’re really missing out. Great stories on how to reach just about every demographic segment you want: tweens, millennials, singles, affluents and more. But Beth Snyder Bulik’s great piece on how boomers use tech got us digging in the new Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest consumer expenditure data. Beth writes that boomers spend the most on technology.

That’s certainly true.

But it’s worth pointing out that baby boomers spend the most on, well, everything. Granted, we are talking about household-level data (what the BLS calls “consumer units”) so there are certainly members of other generations living in boomer-lead households. But the boomers are so overwhelming a force in the economy, buying goods for both themselves and others, that their spending dwarfs other generations’ by sheer force of dollars in every segment that the BLS tracks.

In fact the boomers often double the spend of other generations.

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