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Toolkits for other months include:
March: Women's History Month
May: Asian and Pacific Islander
June: Pride
September: Hispanic Heritage
October: Disability Awareness
November: Indigenious People

Materials and tools to create awareness, education and engagement for Black History Month

Black History Month Toolkit Title Page

The Pocket Guide to Having A Conversation About Race

​A collection of tip cards that guide users through how to prepare for, have and follow upon conversations about race. 

Cost: $9.95 plus $2 s/h  Volume discounts available. 

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Having a Conversation About Race Pocket Guide
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Black History Month

Black History Month Toolkit Activity

Pocket Guides

The Pocket Guide to African American History in the U.S. Discussion Cards

​This collection of 20 discussion cards bring together facts and people that highlight the African American experience in the U.S. and also the contributions that African Americans have made to American history.  Cost: $9.95 plus $2 s/h  Volume discounts available.   

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Black History Month Toolkit Profile

Black/African American History Month Toolkit

​Educate. Honor. Inspire.
Every February in the USA, we honor the contributions of Blacks and African Americans to American history and culture. Our toolkit will help your organization celebrate throughout the month while broadening awareness and igniting curiosity about how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Our toolkit will help your organization with:


  • Black/African American History Did You Know…. Fact Sheet
  • Definitions of Key Terminology


  • Sample Leadership email to all employees
  • Sample web posting to demonstrate support
  • 8 Profiles +  10 Quotes featuring Black/African American changemakers


  • Information on Allyship and supporting the Black/African American Community
  • Three Team Sparks Cards to encourage meaningful discussion and teambuilding
  • Four activities to encourage continued learning​