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Building Inclusion Infrastructure

You have made progress with your inclusion efforts and now you are working on building a sustainable infrastructure that will engage employees across your organization. The best way to do this is systematically by designing a diversity and inclusion strategy that aligns with your organization's culture and strategic goals.

This will help you to create a culture of inclusion and an inclusive company culture.

A group of colleagues high five around a table including a man who uses a wheelchair

Sustaining Inclusion: How To Help Your Organization Embrace Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Create a diversity and inclusion strategy
    It is hard to create engagement and support for your work if employees don't know where you want to go and why is it important. Creating a strategy is one strategy for helping employees to embrace diversity in the workplace. They will know what your goals are, how they align to organizational goals and how this will impact the organization and their own work.
  • Keep the diversity and inclusion strategy brief
    One of the best practices for diversity and inclusion strategies is that they are not book length. Ideally you have 3-5 main goals and action steps under them. They should be clear, concise and easy to understand. The goals need to take into account your organizational culture and what will work for you.
  • Conduct an assessment to know where you are starting from
    When you are creating a diversity and inclusion strategy, you need to first know where you are. It is hard to plan where you want to go if you don't know where you are now. Be honest about where you are at so that you design diversity and inclusion initiatives that are pragmatic and realistic.
  • Develop diversity and inclusion infrastructure
    If you haven't already, create a council to help with the diversity and inclusion work. If you are large enough and you have interest from employees create employee/business resource groups (only do this if there is energy from employees). Review HR and Talent Acquisition and promotion policies and strategies.
  • Find and develop diversity and inclusion champions
    These people may/may not be on your council. They are folks throughout your organization who are passionate inclusion and diversity. Providing training for them stokes their passion for the topic. Giving them small actions steps helps to keep them engaged.
  • Explore best practices in your industry
    How to build an inclusive workplace culture can be vastly different based on the size of your organization, the industry you are in and the geographic location of your employees.
  • Prioritize your inclusion initiative
    Successful diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace not only foster a more inclusive culture but also drive innovation, improve decision-making, and enhance employee engagement. By prioritizing inclusion initiatives and continuously refining your approach based on employee feedback and industry best practices, you can build a robust foundation for a truly inclusive organization.
Diverse business group meeting as seen from above

How We Can Help


Our training programs provide a custom solution that is designed to meet your specific needs. We have provided training programs on a wide range of topics and we are happy to design one for your employees, managers and/or leaders.


Are you looking for some help in figuring out where to get started? Do you want to conduct some assessments to gain a better understanding of where you are at? Would you like a thought partner who has more than 2 decades of experience in the field to guide you? Look no further. We have you covered.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:

As a consulting company specializing in diversity and inclusion, we are committed to partnering with you to develop a tailored initiative that meets your organization's unique needs. We will work closely with you to assess your current state, identify areas for improvement, and co-create a customized diversity and inclusion strategy aligned with your business objectives. With our expertise and proven methodologies, we will support you in building a sustainable diversity and inclusion infrastructure that engages your employees, fosters an inclusive culture, and drives positive business outcomes.


If you are looking to get started with some easy to use tools that require no training but are filled with helpful tips and tricks, than our infographics sets are for you. The tools includes topics such as communication, principles of teamwork, building inclusive teams and psychological safety.

Inclusion Library

Our Inclusion Library is a set of tools and resources that you can upload to your internal intranet. This serves as a quick and easy resources for employees and managers when they have a questions or are looking for information on topics such as diversity terms, world religions or diversity months.


Our Medic product lines has 23 topics that include both teamwork and diversity and inclusion topics. Each topic has five tools that are designed for different audiences: employees, managers and leaders.


We have a webinars and articles that can help you to understand how to start an inclusion program that promote helps to drive employee engagement, teamwork and innovation.

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