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Through June 30, 2020

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Team Sparks: Managing Teams
Through Time of Change

Team Sparks Sale 50-75% off
Through May 30, 2020

Managers and teams are struggling with sudden changes happening around them and the result is that people are increasingly working remotely and this can result in stress, frustration and a lack of team work.

Our collection of Team Sparks discussion cards are designed to help managers spark short team conversations.  On topics like collaboration, teamwork and communication, these discussions help to create better teamwork, smoother communication and enhanced team engagement.

Free Card Set
We have chosen one card from seven of our Team Sparks sets that we feel will help managers in this time of sudden change as they help their teams navigate the uncertain days ahead.

These sample cards are free. If you would like to purchase a complete set of Team Sparks cards, through April 30, 2020, we are offering an unlimited one year license of a set of cards for $750.

Interested in the Qstreams or the Team Sparks Cards? 

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COVID19 Diversity and Inclusion Resources
Additional resources can be found on our sister company website:

Our partnership with the micro-education platform Qstream has brought diversity, equity and inclusion content to organizations in a way that is easy, engaging and fun.

In this uncertain times and recognizing the immediate needs of companies with a workforce that is suddenly remote, we have created a series of short mini-Qstreams on topics relevant to employees and managers right now as you cope with the COVID19 pandemic. We are also offering a limited time pricing structure that allows you to bring this content to employees.

A typical Qstream course is 15-20 questions and runs over 8-10 weeks. These mini courses have 6 questions and will run 2-3 weeks. The powerful Qstream dashboard allows insights into specific teams are doing which allows for targeted coaching in the places where it is needed most.  For additional information on Qstream please visit here.

Content developed to help teams with COVID19

  • Inclusive Teams While Working Remotely
  • Resiliency During Covid-19

Mini-versions of our standard courses available:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • High Performing Teamwork
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity Recruiting
  • Diversity Terminology
  • Working with Transgender Colleagues
  • Disability Etiquette
  • Defining Diversity & Inclusion