Culture Coach International

A consulting firm specializing in diversity and cross cultural awareness

Country Specific Briefings

  • Communication style
  • Business styles
  • Cultural values and norms
  • Business Entertaining tips

Traveling Overseas

  • Understanding cultural differences when traveling overseas for business
  • Making the Cultural Adjustment When Moving Abroad
  • Returning Back Home

Global Business and Sales

  • Selling in a Multicultural Environment
  • Managing an International Sales Force
  • Leading Multicultural Teams
  • Exploring Group Cultures
  • Sports Lingo in American Business
  • Customer Service in a Multicultural Marketplace
  • Merging Corporate Cultures

Healthcare Cultural Competency Training Topics

  •  Global Healthcare
  •  Interacting with Patients from Diverse  Backgrounds
  •  Communication in Healthcare
  •  World Cultural Healthcare Styles
  •  Working with Interpreters
  •  World Religions and Healthcare

Cross Cultural and Cultural Competency Training and Education

Cultural Training Topics

  • Cultural Identity
  • Making the Business Case for Cultural Competency
  • Exploring Culture
  • Global Communication
  • World Religions