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Training of Trainers

​We will design a training outline in alignment with your learning goals and provide sample activities for review. Once this is approved we begin the content development.


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We will review the curriculum developed and make any adjustments as needed.

Five Step Diversity Training Programs Curriculum Development Process

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Training Curriculum Materials Developed


In this process we create the following:

  • Trainer’s Manual: This manual includes a sample training script to use when presenting the program, materials needed, background information on questions that might be asked, and any training content that is presented.
  • PowerPoint: If a PowerPoint is to be used, we will create this using your template to ensure company branding.
  • Handouts: We will create a master handout or booklet to be duplicated for participants.
  • Training Tools: Our training programs include activities. If any of these activities require specific tools, we will provide these.

Training Outline Development


Our team has decades of expertise in the areas of diversity and cross-cultural issues.  We have used our expertise to create more than 165 hours of curriculum and training programs.  We leverage this expertise to create programs that are targeted to meet your specific needs and to help you address organizational specific issues.  One client told us when we delivered our final product, "This is by far, the best set of trainer notes I have ever seen or used."

The programs that we develop are both strategic and aligned to help you support organizational goals as well as practical so that the application of the training content is easy for participants.


Training Material Review

Diversity Training Goals and Planning

We will conduct the training program for trainers so that they can see the flow of the program from the perspective of their participants. We will also review the training of the trainer’s materials and notes to answer any questions they may have.  We are available to answer questions from the trainers once they start delivering the training programs.


Diversity Training Curriculum Development

We work with you to develop detailed learning objectives, a project plan that details your training goals, any limitations and considerations, what type of training of trainers needs to be provided, deadlines, and any other considerations that will impact the training design and delivery. We will also agree upon deadlines and deliverables.