Employee Resource Groups (ERG) or Business Resource Group (BRG)

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For institutions that are not large enough to have a full-time diversity officer, but would like to have the ongoing expertise and guidance of a diversity and inclusion professional, we offer contracted diversity officer positions. These positions are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organizations.

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ERG/BRGs are often a part of diversity and inclusion programs. Each organization comes with its own ideas on why these groups will be formed, who will lead them, and their importance to the organization. We are able to provide guidance into the process of forming and managing ERG/BRGs.

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"Your consulting style was professional, energetic and strategic, and it has shown us how culture impacts the workplace and the bottom line. Your work has sparked discussions that will help us to shape the future of the bank."
-Chris Oddleifson, President and CEO, Rockland Trust

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We provide executive coaching on a variety of topics.  This includes helping executives to explore diversity and inclusion and what it means to them and to their leadership, providing country briefings before international travel and helping executives to create better alignment between their diversity plans and their organization's goals.

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Aligning diversity and inclusion goals with larger organizational goals is critical to achieving long term success. We are able to bring expertise and experience that will help to make the strategic plans for D&I both align to larger institutional goals and to develop a realistic implementation plan across the organization.

Contracted Diversity Officer

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Diversity Councils or Advisory boards can play an important role in helping to shape diversity and inclusion strategies and implementation plans. They also play a vital role in planning and running programs, providing feedback from the organization, and providing a "face" to D&I efforts.  We work with diversity councils to not only help them to be more effective in their roles by assisting with strategy development, facilitating meetings, serving as an on-call expert, and providing training programs on topics where they need to deepen their expertise.

Executive Coaching

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Looking for an expert on D&I to put on speed dial? We can help. We offer retainer packages that cover a wide range of consulting, training, and products.

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Diversity Consulting and Coaching

Providing expertise and insights for creating effective diversity and inclusion programs and strategies.