Culture Coach International

A consulting firm specializing in diversity and cross cultural awareness

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Culture Coach International and Diversity Staffing Pros Executive Search are teaming up to offer their popular workshops to the public.

The workshops can be taken independently or combined for a powerful package of insights and practical application.

Dates: April  26  and May 22

Location: Novartis (NIBR), Cambridge, MA

Time: 9 am-1 pm

Cost:$499/half day or $950 if purchasing both workshops together

Product Take -Aways

Culture Coach has developed a series of pocket guides that are a collection of 10 tip cards around a common theme.  Each card has both practical tips as well as questions to use to explore the topic more deeply.  Each workshop participant will walk away with the following pocket guides:

  • Diversity Recruiting
  • Diverse Teams I & II
  • Leading and Managing Diverse Teams
Diversity Recruiting Workshops

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Diversity Recruiting Workshop