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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Putting decades of experience to work building customized programs to fit your organization

African American Instructor teaching a group of business people
Businessman training with a diverse group of coworkers

In today’s virtual, in-person and hybrid world training programs need to be adaptive and flexible in how they are presented. Our decades of experience has shown us that effective programs bring together the presentation of core ideas and content along with ways to reinforce those key ideas.  Thus, we provide traditional instructor led training programs in person and virtually. We also provide tools and resources that can be used before and after programs to engage teams in conversations about how to apply what they learned to their daily work.  We have provided training programs for senior leaders traveling overseas, plant workers, National Guard service members, non-profit employees, healthcare workers, bank employees and leaders of global teams.  We adapt to ensure that what we are presenting resonates with the audience. 

Our training clients have included one time programs, training global teams and company wide initiatives. Our materials have been used by internal training teams to boost employee engagement, to teach cultural competency skills and to promote a unified organizational culture.

Our micro-learning tools are self-led employee education. Learn more here


  • We teach core principles, not rules.
  • Our interactive and experiential programs engage people in a positive way to help them learn more about themselves and others.
  • Our programs are adapted to the learning environment – in person or virtual to improve effectiveness.
  • We believe that experience matters when it comes to designing and presenting engaging content.
  • Attendees report that they enjoyed the content and they knew practical steps on how to apply the lessons learned.
  • Using supplemental tools reinforces key ideas and engages employees in deeper conversations.
Smiling older business woman at a conference table.


Working Across Differences

Dynamic Teamwork

Micro-aggressions and micro-affirmations

Unconscious Bias

Building Inclusive Teams

Having Race Conversations at Work

Psychological Safety

Communication on Global Teams

Dimensions of Diversity at Work


Cultural Agility

Facilitation Skills and Training of Trainers

A woman wearing a hijab and another woman look at a computer screen

"Culture Coach International partnered with us to design a customized training program that had a huge impact on moving the organization forward with its diversity initiative. Their insights and experience as a global culture coach proved invaluable, and their ability to work at all levels in the organization ensured the program's success! Employees were so receptive to the training that was implemented that they're asking for more."

- Training Director, national food and beverage company

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