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Diversity Related Videos


List of TED Talks on Diversity topics:

Incluvie: A place to rank movies about how good they are with diversity.


Nike's ad celebrating the US Women's Soccer Team World Cup Victory


Proctor & Gamble ads on Race:

The Talk:

The Look:


The Long Road to Pride:

Great Big Story has a variety of short films on the topic.

This Great Big story speaks about being transgender and finding allies:


Canadian Film Board Film Zea challenges assumptions about what you see and assume:

TED Talk: What does my headscarf mean to you?

People With a Disability

People with disabilities continue to prove that others cannot define what they are capable of doing.  Here are three key ideas and associated videos that will help you to see potential and capacity for success:

1. Challenge Assumptions
For people with disabilities, inaccurate first impressions often hinder what others think they can or cannot do.  Here are two examples of how our assumptions can get in the way of thinking about what a person can or cannot do:
Best selling artist Susan Boyle's first audition for Britain’s Got Talent crushes assumptions.           
Think a person who uses crutches can't skateboard? Think again.

Man bringing hip hop to the deaf community:
BBC Promo for 2016 Paraolympics:

 2. Learn Disability Etiquette
This video uses a sense of humor to teach the basics of disability etiquette:

3. Create an Inclusive Workplace
Creating an inclusive workplace means creating an environment that respects, accepts, and integrates different skills and talents. This integration will allow you to maximize the skills and talents of all employees.

a. Temple Grandin speaks frequently about how her abilities that come from her autism make her able to excel at her job and they provide her with insights that she wouldn't have otherwise. She advocates for greater acceptance of all types of abilities in today's workplace.
b. A Town Learns Sign Language:
c. Want to see videos created by people with disabilities? Check out

Down Syndrome
How do you see me?
We don't need special needs:
Don't Stop Me Now:

Explaining Autism:
Short video showing what it can be like to have autism:
Longer piece about what autism is: