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Diversity and Inclusion Training During Covid-19: Engaging Distributed Workforces: Recording

A panel discussion on different techniques for providing diversity training during the pandemic. This included webinars, virtual training programs, online training and micro-education using the Qstream platform

Building Inclusion Across Dispersed Teams: Recording

With teams working across dispersed location and time zones, it falls upon diversity professionals to help teams to know how to work inclusively over so many locations.

​​​ Diversity Webinars

Past Webinars

Race and Social Equity: Let's Have the Conversation:Recording

This webinar focused on tips and techniques on how to have a conversation about race with dignity and respect for all involved.

​On our sister website: we have recordings of our most recent webinars and podcasts.

These include:

Six Webinars on Designing a DEI Strategy

Micro-Actions for Macro-Impact

Facing the Fears in DEI Work