Using research from Harvard, Qstream is a tool that delivers micro-learning directly into the hands of your employees. The technique has been proven to increase retention of key ideas and it is an excellent way to reinforce training or teach new content. 

Pocket Guides

A collection of 10 tips cards on a common theme. Each pocket guide has 100+ ways to improve interactions. Can be used with no additional instructions, or they can be incorporated into team meeting discussions and as training tools.  More information on the pocket guides can be found here.  If you would like a sample of any of the pocket guides emailed to you, we are happy to do so. $5/10 card pocket guide

Recognition Cards

A collection of 10 tips in a set that are a great way to recognize when colleagues are awesome. Reward them with a color card that let's them know you appreciate them. Great for building team engagement. $5/set of 10. 

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Diversity Dashboard

Interested in learning about the Diversity Dashboard and diversity metrics? 

You can learn more about the Diversity Dashboard here:

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You can download the Diversity Metrics Model here:

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Team Sparks Cards

Designed to be used by managers to spark 10 minute team conversations on different topics. Each set of cards has 12 cards on one theme such as communication, teamwork, collaboration and unconscious bias.  More information on the Team Sparks cards can be found here. We are happy to email you samples of the card sets for review.  $12

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