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Client Perspective: Building A Successful Framework

"Culture Coach International's training and diversity consulting proved invaluable during the creation of a corporate diversity council and organizational path to diversity awareness. From consulting to team assessments, council development and training, CCI helped us to build a successful framework for  understanding and working with diversity."
-Human Resources Director, New England Media Outlet

Culture Coach Company Overview

Defining Diversity and Inclusion
We see diversity as being all of the ways that we are similar to and different from one another. Diversity to us is not an exclusionary concept based on "us understanding them" but rather the inclusive concept that diversity is about "us understanding us.” This paradigm shift brings together the ideas, backgrounds, and innovation that come from all employees.

Inclusion comes from not just recognizing and respecting difference but also leveraging them to create high performing teams.

Culture Coach Founding and History
Culture Coach is a boutique consulting firm founded by Kari Heistad in 1998, while she was living in Athens, Greece.  Kari has worked in the areas of diversity and cross cultural awareness for more than 25 years. At CCI she has brought together a team who share her passion and commitment to building respect across differences. 

Culture Coach Philosophy
We believe that respect is built not in spite of differences but because of them. We believe that most people build respect based upon a better understanding of others. We employ a wide variety of methods to help people increase their understanding of themselves, their interactions, and the way they see the world.

Diverse Linking Hands

Culture Coach Team
The Culture Coach team brings together passion and expertise in the fields of diversity, equity and inclusion along with cultural competency.  In addition to the office staff, CCI has consultants who work with CCI in delivering our training programs and consulting services.  You can meet our consultants here.

Culture Coach Provides:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Customized solutions to address your specific problems
  • A focus on the practical application of training or educational content to change behaviors and interactions
  • Materials that can be used by employees at all levels in the organization
  • A focus on principal-based learning and ideas that can be applied in a wide variety of interactions
  • Experiential expertise, which means we seek to create opportunities for employees to gain 'aha' moments into how they see the world and their interactions with others