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Spark quick conversation between team members
Short meetings for team members to explore important topics
Tips to help guide employees and foster discussions
Help celebrating diversity throughout the year
Diversity Certification
Day courses to teach employees diversity skills
Help having difficult discussions about race at work
Help creating a diversity program at my company
Micro-Learning opportunities for employees
An all-in-one package with everything I need for a DEI program
Other resources to help me learn about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Team Sparks Cards

Team Sparks cards are designed to help teams have short conversations about topics that impact teamwork. These cards help to spark short insightful conversations that help teams to work better together.

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Culture Coach International provides a wide variety of products and services that help to teach and facilitate growth within companies in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. With so many options and opportunities available, it might be hard to figure out where to start or which product might be the best fit for you. Tell us what your are looking for from Culture Coach International and we can point you in the right direction:

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