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The Need for Cultural Competency in Health Care
The demographics of America’s patient population have been shifting for quite some time now. By 2020 the Bureau of Census states that over 40% of the U.S. population will be a racial or ethnic minority. With this demographic shift in mind, the ability of our health care system and health care providers to deliver high quality care regardless of the race or ethnicity of the patient is becoming more important than ever. The critical nature of cultural competency in health care is highlighted by countless studies documenting that minority populations in the U.S. have significantly lower health outcomes than those people in the majority. These studies have found these disparities among patient populations dealing with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma and HIV/AIDS.

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Pocket Guide to Culturally Competent Healthcare
We have put together a set of 10 tip cards on different aspect of providing culturally competent healthcare. Check out this and our other pocket guides here. We are happy to provide a sample for review.

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Implementing & Managing Cultural Competency Culture Change at Hospitals

CCI works with hospitals and other health care organizations to implement the strategies necessary to transform their culture into one that is culturally competent. This process is comprehensive and takes place over time. One important component in this transformation is the education and support of all healthcare professionals and support personnel with direct patient interaction. CCI has designed an array of training options for hospitals to choose from that will help determine and advance an employee’s cultural competency. By improving the cultural competency of both the hospital culture and hospital employees, the care that patients receive will become more culturally competent.


Culturally Competent Healthcare in Hospitals
CCI has been working for over 20 years with organizations in every industry and around the world in the area of cultural competency. Working with hospitals and other health care organizations to improve the cultural competence of health care providers is a cause that CCI takes very seriously. Culturally competent health care reduces health disparities and can help save lives.

Our Goal: Culturally Competent Hospitals
In order for consistent, culturally competent care to be provided day after day and regardless of the race or ethnicity of the patient, that patient must be receiving care in a culturally competent organization. At the core of the health disparities issue is the cultural competency of the organizations that deliver healthcare to patients. We work to support ongoing cultural competency efforts including designing training programs that the Joint Commission has called "best practice."

Cultural Competency in Healthcare

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We have healthcare tips sheets on Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hindusim. We also have tips sheets on various countries and cultures. Please inquire for licensing options.

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