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Educational resources and tools to answer every day questions about diversity.

African American Business woman presenting to a group of diverse business people

The diversity, equity and inclusion tools in the Inclusion Library are designed to answer questions easily. They are an on-demand resource that you can house on an internal intranet or sharepoint site.  When employees have questions, or they want to explore a diversity topic, they are able to tap into the resources that can help them to answer those questions.  It’s diversity at the click of a mouse. 


The Library serves as a great extension to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and as a follow up resource to diversity training.  Managers can use the materials to engage their teams in conversations to improve teamwork and collaboration. 


  • Materials for employees
    • Information about key holidays and diversity months
    • Terminology guides
    • Tools that employees can explore at their own pace and convenience
  • Materials for managers
    • discussion tools
    • teambuilding activities
    • diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) planning guide, which can help them set their own DEI agenda for their team

A list of the resources included in the Inclusion Library can be found below. Individual materials and personalized packages are also available. Please contact us to find out more.


The content is co-branded with your logo and the materials are a one time purchase with a five year unlimited internal use only. 

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A decription of what is in the Diversity Library and the pricing for each option


The materials for the Inclusion Library are diversity, equity and inclusion tools that are designed to stand alone so they can be used individually.  


There is no training required to use the library. 


Employees and managers do not need any previous diversity, equity and inclusion experience to use the library. 

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