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Gen Y / Millennials Reach 50% of US Workforce

By the year 2020, it is anticipated that about 50% of the US workforce will be made up of Gen Y or Millennials as they are also called.  This marks a huge shift in the US employee population and companies, organizations, and institutions are shifting to better understand how to recruit, manage, and retain Gen Y employees.

Gen Y employees are those that are born between the years of 1980 and 2000.  There is general agreement among researchers and employers alike that the leading and trailing edges of this generation function very differently; although, thus far there has not been a research study or book that effectively defines that break in where Gen Y should end and the next generation (Gen Z, iPhone Generation, post-millennials) begins if not starting in 2001.


For the first time, we have four different generations of employees together in the workplace. This unprecedented situation has created workplace dynamics that if managed well can create dynamic teams and a competitive business advantage. However, if these dynamics go unrecognized and managers and employees are not given the tools to diagnose and address generational issues, then companies will lose human capital and business opportunities. Meet the generations here.

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Managing Gen Y Self Study Guide
This self-study guide for managers covers eight topics: Recruiting, Workstyles, Communication, Coaching, Motivating, Feedback, Teamwork, and Retention. The curriculum is sold as a pdf and is $49.95. This curriculum helps managers to:

  • Reduce conflicts

  • Retain Gen Y employees longer

  • Improve team effectiveness

  • Create high performing teams

  • Encourage Gen Y company integration​

Managing Gen Y
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Tips for Managing Gen Y / Millennials

  • Engage their natural desire to improve their work to be more effective by being open to new ideas
  • Provide insight into how their work is important to the bigger picture
  • Coach and mentor them to help them grow as professionals
  • Accept that they have a different work style and leverage it
  • Use their ability to think outside the box to generate new ideas
  • Provide them with opportunities to learn about generational differences
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Managing Gen Y Study Guide

Managing Gen Y / Millennials

Managing Gen Y / Millennials
For managers who are now managing Gen Y / Millennials, it is critical to understand that this generation has been hard-wired to see the world differently than previous generations and it is critical to understand and leverage those differences to not only engage and retain Gen Y / Millennial employees but also to build effective cross generational teams. For insights into how a Gen Y sees their generation, check out this article from a Gen Y.