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  • Inclusion in Higher Education
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Teaching Across Cultures
  • Respect in Higher Education
  • Micro-Affirmations
  • Micro-Inequities
  • Multicultural Interactions
  • Customer Service
  • Respect Across Religions

Purchase Individual Tips Cards

100 cards (mix and match) $40 plus s/h

500 cards (mix and match) $130 plus s/h

Custom Cards  (1 design)

500 cards: $350

1,000 cards: $500
2,500 cards: $1,000

5,000 cards: $1,600

10,000 cards: $2,500

For quantities over 1,000 cards, free customization is provided.

To purchase: Call: 617-795-1688

Supplemental Tools
We have mini-powerpoint presentations that managers can use when working with their teams and talking about the topics on the cards. If desired, we can also create a short manager discussion guide for each of the cards. 

Electronic Licensing
All of the cards can be licensed in electronic format.


We can make any of these cards into a plastic lanyard badge for easy reference.


Customer Service

Pocket Guide to Multicultural Higher Education

The Pocket Guide to Multicultural Higher Education

For more information on purchasing the Pocket Guides and Customization please visit the Pocket Guide page.  Prices start at $4.

Culture Coach International has developed a series of diversity tips cards on a many different aspects of diversity. These diversity tips cards are an excellent reminder of key insights on different topics. The cards are the size of a business card.

Cross Cultural Communication

Multicultural Interactions

Building Respect

Building Inclusion


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Respect Across Religions