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100 cards (mix and match) $40 plus s/h

500 cards (mix and match) $130 plus s/h

Custom Cards  (1 design)

500 cards: $350

1,000 cards: $500
2,500 cards: $1,000

5,000 cards: $1,600

10,000 cards: $2,500

For quantities over 1,000 cards, free customization is provided.

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Supplemental Tools
We have mini-powerpoint presentations that managers can use when working with their teams and talking about the topics on the cards. If desired, we can also create a short manager discussion guide for each of the cards. 

Electronic Licensing
All of the cards can be licensed in electronic format.


We can make any of these cards into a plastic lanyard badge for easy reference.

Developing Pipelines

Diversity Recruiting

Unconscious Bias

Multicultural Selling

Pocket Guide to Culturally Competent Healthcare

Partnering with Local Organizations

Diversity Recruiting Complete Set

  • Diversity Recruiting
  • Diversity Hiring
  • Building Pipelines
  • Working with Community Organizations
  • Developing In-House Talent
  • Sourcing
  • Multicultural Selling
  • Networking
  • Building Trust
  • Unconscious Bias

Building Trust

Culture Coach International has developed a series of diversity tips cards on a many different aspects of diversity. These diversity tips cards are an excellent reminder of key insights on different topics. The cards are the size of a business card.

The Pocket Guide to Culturally Competent Healthcare

For more information on purchasing the Pocket Guides and Customization please visit the Pocket Guide page.  Prices start at $4.


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