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100 cards (mix and match) $60 plus s/h
500 cards (mix and match) $150 plus s/h
Custom Cards  (1 design)
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1,000 cards: $500
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Working On
Diverse Teams I
Working On
Diverse Teams II
Working On
Global Teams
Leading and Managing
Diverse Teams
Culturally Competent
Higher Education
Being an
Having Conversations
About Race
African American

Pocket Guide to Working On Diverse Teams I

Pocket Guide Image
  • Working on Diverse Teams
  • Creating a Civil Workplace
  • Multigenerational Teams
  • Multicultural Interactions
  • Multicultural Customer Service
  • Multicultural Sales
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Being an Ally
  • Micro-inequities
  • Micro-affirmations
  • Inclusive Workplaces

Supplemental Tools

We have mini-powerpoint presentations that managers can use when working with their teams and talking about the topics on the cards. If desired, we can also create a short manager discussion guide for each of the cards.

See Sample Cards

We are happy to provide previews for any of the pocket guides, please contact us for a sample.

Culture Coach International has developed a series of tips cards on a wide variety of topics. We have combined these cards into Pocket Guides.

Uses for the Pocket Guides

  • Handouts as a quick reference for employees who are providing care to culturally diverse patients
  • Manager meeting quick discussion topics - using a card to start a short team conversation in a team meeting
  • As a training program give-away
  • New employee orientation give away when speaking about why culturally competent care is important
  • Electronic licensing them would allow you to use the content in newsletters for ongoing employee education.

Pocket Guides

Make Your Own Pocket Guide: You are welcome to mix and match to design your own unique Pocket Guide set of 10 cards.  Any of our more than 70 cards can be used in any Pocket Guide.

Customization: We offer a free custom cover card on orders of 250 Pocket Guides or more. If you are order fewer than this, please inquire.  For orders of 1,000 Pocket Guides or more, we will customize each of the cards in your Pocket Guide with your logo and website.

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Pocket Guide Info

Content: Each Pocket Guide comes with 10 standard tips cards.

Size: The cards are the size of a business card.

Packaging: The Pocket Guides come in a clear plastic pouch. The standard pouch holds up to 20 different tips cards.

Electronic Licensing: All of the cards can be licensed in electronic format.