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First Micro-Actions Diversity Program Proves Effectiveness

Over 100 people participated in the first of its kind demonstration of the Micro-Actions Personal Diversity Challenge. For seven weeks the DEIBoxx provided participants with seven micro-actions they could take to improve their interactions with colleagues. Participants were asked to choose one micro-action to focus on and to report back their results. People reported an overwhelmingly positive impact of small actions requiring less than a few minutes to complete. 

  • “Getting input from each person on my team allowed us to explore new ideas”

  • “I found people valued being asked for their expertise”

  • “People appreciated when I left my video on for Zoom meetings”

  • “When I asked open-ended questions, I was able to check for understanding”

  • “Our discussion took more time but a good idea came out of it and I was able to be more engaged.”

Micro-Actions are quickly gaining popularity in today’s fast paced work environment.  “In today’s workplace employees want education that is quick to understand and easy to implement. Micro-actions are self-explanatory, take less than a few minutes to do, we are giving employees the tools they need to be more effective in the current workplace environment” says Kari Heistad, CEO of the DEI Boxx. 

The Micro-Actions Diversity Challenge presented participants with pairs of actions: Micro-aggressions as actions to stop and micro-affirmations as positive actions that can replace negative behaviors. Kari Heistad, spoke to the power of the paired Micro-Actions. “Often when we are encouraging behavior change, we tell people to stop doing something without giving them a replacement behavior. By pairing a negative and a positive action, it is clear what action to stop and what action to replace that with.” 

In the current marketplace with worker shortages coming from the pandemic, early retirement, and deaths from the pandemic1, creating a workplace where employees feel valued and respected means they are engaged and will be retained longer. These issues also mean that employees have less time for traditional training and education. By leveraging micro-actions, employers can provide effective training that can increase retention and have a positive impact on the bottom line in just minutes a day. 


The DEIBoxx focuses on creating more respectful and inclusive workplace cultures by providing easy to use micro-tools and resources for organizations that support the launch and growth of diversity programs.

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