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Butterfly Recognition Card

Pocket Guides

​​Each pocket guide has 10 tips cards on different topics with related questions on the back.
These business card sized tips cards are an excellent way to remind people of key tips and insights around different aspects of diversity, teamwork and leadership.  They can be used by managers to start team discussions, as a training tool or as an 'Edu-Gift' for trade show booths.

Diversity Products

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Recognition Cards

​Each set of recognition cards has 10 cards on different aspect of teamwork. We have one set focusing on diversity and another focusing on teamwork. Each card has a colorful photo on the front with an attitude or behavior and one the back reinforcement of that behavior or attitude. It takes 30 seconds to write someone's name on the back and make their day!

DEI Medic

 Principle based self-directed
micro-learning on 16 different topics.

Diversity Library

A self contained set of tools that teach about diversity months and topics.

Pocket Guide to African American History in the U.S.

This pocket guide contains 20 discussion cards with facts on the front and discussion questions on the back. The questions are designed to spark discussions about current issues in the United States. For more information and to see sample cards, click here. 

Pocket Guide Tip Card Front
Pocket Guide Tip Card Back