Recognition Cards

​Each set of recognition cards has 10 cards on different aspect of teamwork. We have one set focusing on diversity and another focusing on teamwork. Each card has a colorful photo on the front with an attitude or behavior and one the back reinforcement of that behavior or attitude. It takes 30 seconds to write someone's name on the back and make their day!

Black History Month Products

We offer innovative African American interactive timelines and a scavenger hunt. If you are interested in getting more information about these products, please contact us.

Disability PowerPoint

Disability Awareness Month Products

We have a wide range of products that educate and engage employees to learn about people with disabilities.

Pocket Guide Tip Card Back

Diversity Products

Black History Month Poster

Pocket Guide to African American History in the U.S.

This pocket guide contains 20 discussion cards with facts on the front and discussion questions on the back. The questions are designed to spark discussions about current issues in the United States. For more information and to see sample cards, click here. 

Pocket Guide Tip Card Front
Diversity Immigrant Poster
Butterfly Recognition Card

Pocket Guides

​​Each pocket guide has 10 tips cards on different topics with related questions on the back.
These business card sized tips cards are an excellent way to remind people of key tips and insights around different aspects of diversity, teamwork and leadership.  They can be used by managers to start team discussions, as a training tool or as an 'Edu-Gift' for trade show booths.

Sailing Team Sparks Card
Bias Fact Sheet
Elephant Diversity Card

Diversity Notecards

With orders of 400+ cards we can customize yours with company logo, message, and images.

  • Teamwork: A selection of eight teamwork notecards (2 each of four designs) that have a global proverb on the front and a message on the inside. Great to use with teams.

  • Thank You: Eight cards (2 each of four designs) that use a global proverb as a way to say thank you.

Diversity Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are designed as an electronic tool that can be easily shared across many locations or departments as they can be uploaded to an internal intranet site. Licensing fees are based on length of license and the amount of users. Topics include diversity terminology, understanding bias, assessing bias in the hiring process and world religions. More topics are being developed. For samples of the fact sheets, please email us. ​

Monthly Diversity and Teamwork Poster Series

We offer two series of monthly posters.  The posters come as an electronic license so that you can print as many as you need or the content can be used internally in newsletters or on a company intranet.  Each series comes with a companion discussion guide that can be used in small groups or team meetings to help employees explore the practical application of the education presented on the poster. The posters provide an excellent, easy to use way to keep diversity at the top of employee’s minds. Posters can be posted in lunchrooms over the microwave, over copiers, or in break rooms.  For samples of the posters and fact sheets, please contact us. 

  • Diversity Posters: Each month has a different theme such as Women's History, LGBT Pride or Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • Global Teamwork Posters: 12 posters on one theme such as communication, teamwork, or understanding.

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 Team Sparks Discussion Cards

 ​These cards are designed to spark team conversations that promote team engagement, problem solving and respect for differences. More can be found about the cards here.

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks cards can be found here.