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How The Partnership With Qstream Works
CCI has partnered with Qstream to provide diversity and teamwork content on topics such as diversity terminology, diversity recruiting and unconscious bias. This content can be used as is, you can customize it to meet your specific needs. We can also create custom content for you.

Once the content is created, you provide us with the list of names and you are ready to help drive behavior change.

How Qstream Works
Employees receive a series of 15-20 questions over 90 days. Each question takes about 2 minutes to complete and they are multiple choice with employees getting a quick explanation immediately.
Track results by individuals or teams to see where knowledge gaps are for targeted training after.

Based on research out of Harvard Medical School, Qstream helps to address the problem that people forget 79% of new information within weeks of learning it.  The spaced testing and reinforcement from Qstream can improve retention up to 170%.  This retention helps to drive behavioral changes.

Culture Coach Partners with Micro-Learning Platform Qstream

Want to Test Out Qstream?
While the Qstream platform can be used for any kind of content, Culture Coach has created some sample courses that can be used by Qstream clients. To date we have developed the following courses:

Mini Qstreams
Diversity Terminology, Defining Diversity, Working with  Transgender Colleagues, Disability Etiquette, Resiliency, Inclusive Teamwork While Working Remotely

15 Question Qstreams
Communication, High Performing Teams, Diversity Recruiting, Unconscious Bias, Leadership 

Want to give Qstream a try?
Email us which courses you are interested and we will set you up for a mini-Qstream experience on any of the above topics with six questions over two weeks.

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Today’s workplace is changing, employees are increasingly diverse, technology is impacting where we work and how we interact and many employees are not fully engaged at work. Studies have shown that employees that feel valued and respected are more engaged and productive.

Building respectful and inclusive workplace cultures that help employees to feel valued means giving employees the skills they need to work effectively across differences of all kinds. Yet, this is increasingly more challenging with remote employees and the fast paced work environment.

Qstream brings a micro-learning solution directly to employees with short two minute challenges that can be answered on any device.  The questions can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and when delivered over 90 days, they can drive behavior changes and serve as a foundation for team discussions and other targeted strategies.

Qstream has partnered with Culture Coach International, a leading diversity training and consulting firm, to help clients to use the Qstream platform in a way that leverages Qstream's microlearning to support diversity and inclusion programs. This new approach gives companies an innovative way to drive the behavior changes that supports diverse and multicultural teams in creating cultures that drive engagement, innovation and productivity.

How Qstream can help drive more inclusive workplace cultures:

  • Scenario-based training to change employee behaviors in the workplace 
  • Delivering D&I content in the flow of work without affecting employee productivity
  • Providing diversity professionals and human resource leaders a way to measure and reinforce individuals knowledge on specific diversity and inclusion topics
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Next Steps

  1. Download an information page about Qstream.
  2. Contact us for more information and to participate in a Qstream demo