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There are ten cards in each collection of Recognition Sparks cards - each one focusing on a different aspect of how team members can be supportive of diversity, the team and each other. Use the cards to recognize great attributes, actions and attitudes.

Recognition Sparks: Teamwork

Purchasing Info:

​​Each set of 10 cards is $6, volume discounts and customization available.  Please email or call us to order or to receive a sample.

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Recognition Sparks Cards

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Cards in the Diversity Set: Treating People With Dignity, Team Player, Being Respectful, Being Inclusive,  Welcoming Diversity, Encouraging Civility, Being a Peacemaker, Being a Bridge, Thinking Globally, Being Self Aware.

Recognition Sparks: Diversity

Cards in the Teamwork Set: Leader, Visionary, Supporter, Listener, Idea Pollenator, Risk Taker, Coach, Idea Builder, Encourager, Role Model

Ways to Use the Cards:
Thank a Colleague: Leave one on their desk.
Strengthen the Team:  Encourage team members to give them to their team members or colleagues. You can even set aside part of your team meetings for individuals to recognize their co-workers.
Surprise a co-worker:  Give them one on the spot when you see them doing something great. Be sure to carry extras with you.​
Team Discussion and Recognition: Bring a card to your team meeting and talk about its purpose. Ask the team to think about ideas and actions that demonstrate what the card represents. Ask them for examples of things team members did that showcase this. Give those individuals cards on the spot.

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