The Talking Race @ Work includes:


  • Three 60-minute webinars led by CCI’s diversity experts that focus on what needs to happen before, during and after the race discussion
  • Intimate, virtual classroom setting with no more than 25 participants
  • Two three-minute videos to use to help shape and frame the discussion with your teams
  • Conversation Checklist for planning the conversations
  • Pocket Guide On Having A Conversation About Race: 14 tips cards with action steps and resources to have a conversation with dignity and respect for all
  • Four Teambuilding Activities to support relationship-building and team connections
  • Two-week Microlearning Reinforcement leveraging the Qstream® platform
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the course


  • 60 minute webinar led by CCI's diversity experts
  • Guidelines for how to engage in a conversation about race in a way that focuses on respect and dignity for everyone in the conversation
  • Conversation guide that highlight key take-aways and tips for promoting respectful conversations
  • Pocket Guide for Having A Conversation About Race
  • Open enrollment course Thursday Oct 1, 12-1 pm EST

Leaders Course Pricing:

• Individual: $2,500

• 3-5 people from the same organization:
  $2,000 each

• 6-10 people from the same organization:
  $1,500 each

• 10+: please inquire about bringing this class in

   house for your team including customization

To register please contact CCI.

Contact CCI to inquire about special pricing for group, in-house programs, non-profits and government agencies rates.

Employee Course Pricing

Th Oct 1, 12-1 pm EST

Open enrollment course:  $75

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Tuesday Sept 22, 12-1 pm EST: 

Getting Ready: what do you need to do before you have the conversation, planning ahead and understanding bias and terminology

Tuesday Sept 29, 12-1 pm EST: 

Having the Conversation: How to initiate the conversation both individually and in a group, tips for how to manage the conversation, putting the conversation in context

Tuesday Oct 6, 12-1 pm EST:

Follow-Up: handling objections and push back including inappropriate comments, following up on conversations,  taking action steps moving forward

Oct 7- Nov 3: Micro-Education

Micro-Education: Using the Qstream micro-education platform, participants will receive a micro-education course that focuses on the content presented in the webinars that will reinforce the learning and action steps presented.

Tuesday Nov 10: 12-1 pm EST

Ask Me Anything: As the conclusion to the program, this session will be an open discussion among participants and the facilitators to answer any questions that people have.

Talking Race @ Work

An exploration on how to have the race conversation at work

First group launching in September 2020

Culture Coach International

A consulting firm specializing in diversity and cross cultural awareness

For every person registering for this program a donation will be made to a racial justice organization

The time is now. We stand on the cusp of creating real change which means that your front-line leaders urgently need to have meaningful conversations about race with your workforce.  2020 has created a new level of pressure within most organizations to become better at handling race-based conversations within the framework of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Leverage this two-phase learning program to prepare your team for productive conversations that showcase your organization's dedication to change and creating a welcoming environment for all. The first phase focuses on preparing leaders to host the conversation. Phase two helps your workforce have the right mindset to be active participants.

Participants in the program will be able to help your organization answer the questions:

• Why is now the time for this conversation?

• What do we need to prepare in advance of the conversation?

• What guidelines do we need to establish for these difficult conversations?

• How can personal filters and biases derail this discussion?

• What are tips for keeping the conversation respectful and on track?

• What are means to sustain the momentum to build deeper connections?

• How can we recover if the conversation doesn't to well?

Working together, we will find the right path so you can move your teams forward to a new reality that is more inclusive.  The time for change now. You can be part of the brave new world at work.

Join us to gain the skills necessary to be the leader today's world needs.