Team Building
Developing Trust • Feedback • Non-verbal Communication • Active Listening • Gaining Perspective • Teamwork Across Differences • Resiliency • Integrity • Conflict Resolution • Starting Conversations • Leadership • Accountability • The Power of Influence

​*Huddles Adaptations available for: Healthcare • DEI Councils • Military

Gaining Insights into Different Communities
LGBTQ+ • People with Disabilities • Active Military and Veterans • Hispanic/Latinos • Blacks and African Americans • Asians • Indigenous/American Indian/First Nations

Discuss, Engage and Learn

This meeting in a box will help your team to learn and explore an important topic in just 20-30 minutes. Each huddle includes video choices, a sample script, discussion questions, tips and action steps. Can be branded with company colors and logo.

“I’m always looking for ways to educate. Everything I need is right here.” - Manager


Personal Filters • Empathy • Being an Ally • Belonging • Difficult Conversations • Equality vs. Equity • Unconscious Bias • Assumptions • Respect • Inclusion • Micro-Actions (Micro-aggressions and Micro-Affirmations) • Being an Upstander • Stereotypes • Civility • Dignity

Team Huddles

Huddle Topics

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Take a look at our Team Sparks Cards for quick and effective team discussions.

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