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Collaboration Team Sparks Set
Focuses on 12 different aspects of collaboration
Propose Collaboration with Skill •  Understand Your Expertise • Adapt to Collaborate, Leverage Broad Expertise •  Cultivate a Collective Instinct •  Invest Time To Build Trust • Mix Diverse Personalities • Collaborate Outside Your Team •  Compromise For A Common Goal •  Honor Unique Contributions •  Cheer On Collaboration •  Be Open To How Work Gets Done

"I felt like I had an instructor with us
guiding the conversation.
It raised some important issues."

- Manager


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Communication Team Sparks Set
Focuses on 12 different aspects of communication
Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Communication • Use A Mediator To Help Stalemates • Tell Stories to Build Strong Communities •  Cross Pollinate To Spark Innovation • Adapt to Encourage Growth •  Teach Team Shorthand to New Members • Create Structure to Help Bridge Barriers • Use Intuition to Foster Better Teamwork • Find the Common Beat • Craft Your Message With Purpose •  Assess Your Communication Style • Check Assumptions Before Judging

Global Proverbs II

Being Creative • Delivering Messages With Kindness • Authority With No Title • The Cost of Infighting • Giving Up Too Easily • Taking Responsibility • Everyone is Unique • Investing For The Long Term • Pairing Action With Planning • Don't Waste Your Efforts • Look For What Is The Cause of Mistakes • Working Together For a Common Goal

Short Story Card Front

These sets of 12 discussion cards use global proverbs to spark discussions on topics that teams don't often stop to discuss such as:

  • How do we handle making mistakes?
  • How can we be more patient with each other? 
  • How can we be more creative? 
  • How can we work with limited resources? 
  • Have we ever let a little issue grow into a big one by not addressing it?

Global Proverbs I
Handling Mistakes • Working Together We Achieve More • Problem Solving • Being Patient • A Lack of Communication Causes Issues • Work With What You Have • Deal With Little Issues • What Limits You • Changing to Get Different Results • Taking Responsibility • Don't Offend Team Members • Judging From Our Own Perspective

Diversity Teamwork Team Sparks Set

Focuses on 12 different aspects of teamwork

Use Alignment to Create Momentum • Build Success Based on Experience • Leverage Hierarchy To Create Effectiveness • Be A Guide For The Team • Build Cohesion To Drive Success • Know When To Break The Mold • Provide Training To Clarify Expectations • Show Respect To Build Cohesion • Find Greatness In Others • Engage With The Team • Coach Self -Sufficiency • Show Respect To Others

Engaging Team Discussions
The Team Sparks cards are designed to help teams have short conversations about topics that impact teamwork. In today's business work environment, it can be challenging to find time to talk about the way the team functions. These cards help to spark short insightful conversations that help teams to work better together.  Each deck has 12 cards, each with either a proverb or an insight on the front and four questions on the back.

Looking for something a little longer?

Take a look at ourTeam Huddles to engage in more in-depth discussions.

Proverbs Card Front

Team Sparks Cards Using Mini Stories

These Team Sparks cards use a short story with a key insight and action step and then four questions to spark team discussions.

The Team Sparks Global Proverbs Set I & II

Team Sparks: Team Discussion Cards

Benefits of the Cards

  • Surface important topics of conversation that often get lost in the normal work day
  • Engage team members to talk about to work better together
  • Help to address underlying issues that may be holding the team back
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Improve team cohesion


Spark Your Team Today!

Contact us to see samples of the Team Sparks. Mix and match across sets if you want to.

For companies under 10,000 employees:

One card: $650   Set of 12: $5,000

Understanding Team Sparks Set
Focuses on 12 different aspects of understanding
Understanding Your Significance • Understanding Perceived Notions • Understanding How To Use Your Skill • Understanding Passion • Understanding Hidden Beauty • Understanding Context •  Understanding Potential • Understanding Perceived Value • Understanding From Experience • Understanding The Fear • Understanding Change • Understanding Impact

Proverbs Card Back

"I like that the focus is on addressing a question rather than addressing a fault of any one person. A good ice breaker." - Manager

"We will allow more time in the future, this was a rich conversation."  - Manager