Unconscious Bias Tips Cards
Using the acronym HIDDEN these business card tips cards are an excellent reminder of how bias impacts our perceptions and interactions. They are also great team meeting discussion cards as each letter can become a question to pose to the team.

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Card
Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Card

Electronic License for organizations of less than 10,000 employees:

$650 for one card    $5,000 for per set of 12

Larger organizations: please inquire.

Unconscious bias impacts our lives numerous times a date. It impacts what who we talk to, how we interact and the decisions that we make. Increasingly people are paying attention to how unconscious bias impacts how we interact with our colleagues at work. Culture Coach offers: 

Training Programs: a variety of training programs that cover the topic of bias

Tools: To help teams talk about unconscious bias and how it impacts their interactions with each other.

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Card

Branding: Company name goes on the front of the card. Color of the card can be changed to reflect company branding.

Unconscious Bias Tip Card Front
Unconscious Bias Tip Card Back
Unconscious Bias Team Sparks Card

Unconscious Bias Team Sparks

‚ÄčThis set of 12 team discussion starters offer a short insightful story and four questions for team discussion. These are an excellent team meeting discussion tool.  They are easy for managers and supervisors and instructions are included. These are designed for 10-15 minute discussions.

Unconscious Bias

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Unconscious Bias Huddle

The huddle is designed for a 20-30 minute team discussion. It provides video options to set up the discussion, an opening script for discussion leaders, discussion questions and suggested action steps.