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Putting decades of experience to work for you.

Culture Coach International is a DEI consulting and training firm with decades of experience. We came to our diversity work through the lens of cultural competency. Since 1998, the idea of helping people to understand and bridge difference has helped our clients to build inclusive workplace cultures. Over the decades of consulting, diversity, equity and inclusion have taken on different meanings while presenting a variety of challenges and opportunities for our clients. Like our clients, we continue to learn, adapt and change while remaining focused using the principles of building inclusive workplace cultures to help our clients to be successful. 

A man explains a point on a display to a diverse group of colleagues.


We have come to understand these core truths that guide our work.

  • Creating an inclusive workplace presents a different set of challenges and opportunities for every organization, there is no “one size fits all.”
  • Diversity is contextual and every workplace is diverse in some ways.
  • Building the competence of our clients supports the sustainability of the work we do with them.
  • Inclusion and diversity training, programming and strategy work can be competently and confidently conducted by any client – with the right coaching and planning.
  • We meet our clients where they are at and empower them to move forward in practical ways that align with their organizational culture.
A black man and a white woman wearing a hijab conference at work



A definition of inclusion that all employees can see themselves in

Defining Inclusion

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Training programs that are pragmatic, welcoming, and change workplace behaviors

Quality Training

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Strategic plans that are aligned with and support organizational goals

Strategic Planning

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Pragmatic inclusion and diversity goals that can be integrated with the organization’s values, culture and strategic goals. 

Client Integration

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Our team comes from different continents, countries, cultures, religions and educational backgrounds. We all bring a shared dedication to helping individuals understand themselves and each other better. This understanding helps bridge divides that cause teamwork, communication, and collaboration problems. Thus, our commitment to helping individuals drives the outcomes our clients need. Based on the backgrounds of our team members we are able to bring cultural competency work to our clients who work across cultures and national boundaries.


The Culture Coach team has worked with corporations, healthcare institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations that range in size from 25-350,000 around the globe. The team prides itself on its ability to work effectively across all levels of an organization while supporting clients. While common themes have emerged over the years, CCI has worked with each client to create a solution which speaks to them and their employees in a way that is accessible and practical in nature.

Kari Heaistad Headshot

Kari Heistad, LinkedIn Profile


Kari Heistad leads the Culture Coach team. She has spent 30 years working to help people better understand each other across differences with the goal of creating workplace cultures where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. She has received awards recognizing her contributions to the workplace and to multicultural education.  She has spoken before more than 18,000 people, served as a resource for the media and is the subject matter expert for Sollah and Access, VR for their video training programs. She was a working group chairwoman for the SHRM Diversity Standards Taskforce.

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