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Cultures of the world are at your doorstep.
We help you treat them with cultural competency.

Group of smiling healthcare professionals standing outside of a hospital


  • Employees are empowered with knowledge that helps them to provide care that is respectful and culturally competent
  • Work that is aligned around organizational values
  • Deeper level of psychological safety on teams
  • Patients feel welcomed and respected
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores
An Asian physical confers with a colleague.
A black physican meets with an older patient and younger woman

Kari and her Culture Coach team have consistently delivered insightful information, resources and advice to help us better meet the complex cultural needs of our patients and staff. Kari is one the best global inclusion ambassadors I have seen in the last 20 years.   Kari gets us!  She approaches her advisory work with a level of cultural humility and energy that distinguishes her from the field and leaves a lasting impression.

Michael L. James, MBA,

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Cambridge Health Alliance

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