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Getting Started with Diversity and Inclusion
Building Workplace Inclusion

Are you just getting started on your journey to create a diversity and inclusive workplace? Congratulations! We are happy to provide you with some resources to help get you started creating a culture of inclusion.

We know that it can be daunting when you first get started doing the work to build an inclusive culture at work. We have been helping organizations for more than 25 years to build inclusive teams and cultures and we are happy to give you some guiding tips on effective inclusive workplace practices.

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Getting Started With Building Workplace Inclusion

Insights and tips as you get started building workplace inclusion and creating a culture where employees feel valued and heard.

  • There is No "Right Way" To Start Building Workplace Inclusion.
    Every organization is unique. The number of employees, your organizational structure, where your employees are located and your current organizational culture will all impact your choices about how best to move forward in building inclusive workplace practices.
  • Diversity is contextual and every workplace is diverse in some ways. Depending on how you define diversity, your organization may have more than you realize.  Racial and ethnic diversity are two aspects of diversity to consider. Other considerations include gender, sexual orientation, generation, people with disabilities, country of origin, military service and a multitude of other facets.  You want to make sure that your efforts toward building workplace inclusion and creating an inclusive workplace finds a way to include all employees.
  • Building Workplace Inclusion Means Small and Consistent is Best
    It can be tempting in the beginning to have big ideas and plans. Being thoughtful about what you can achieve and how quickly is important when you begin implementing inclusive workplace practices. Small, consistent efforts can have an impact. Even if the pace of change doesn't feel fast. It is better to be slow and consistent than to make big promises and not be able to fulfill them.
  • Ask for Help Building Workplace Inclusion
    When you are first getting started, it is important to cast a wide net when asking for help. Invite employees interested in the work to join you on a council or committee. Inquire if any employees have past experiences that can be helpful, reach into your network to ask peers for their insights and finally, find a consultant who can provide coaching and resources to help you be successful with your efforts to create an inclusive company culture.
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Common First Steps
Building Workplace Inclusion

On the council ensure that you have diverse perspectives and roles so that you gain different points of view. Provide training for the council to build skills & trust.

Create an Inclusion Council

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Providing training programs that introduce inclusion and that engage all employees in building an inclusive workplace is a great first step.

Provide Employee Training

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Creating a plan or strategy bring clarity about where you want to focus your efforts and it shows employees how this work supports organizational goa

Create A Project Plan or Strategy

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Start with easy accomplishments to build momentum. Start a council, offer international food in the cafeteria, or commemorate diversity months.

Start with Easy Wins & Actions

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How We Can Help You Build a Culture of Inclusion


Our training programs provide a custom solution that is designed to meet your specific needs. We have provided introductory training programs on a wide range of topics and we are happy to design one for your employees, managers and/or leaders.


Are you looking for some help in figuring out where to get started? Do you want to conduct some assessments to gain a better understanding of where you are at so that you can build inclusive workplace practices into your organization? Would you like a thought partner who has more than 2 decades of experience in the field to guide you? Look no further. We have you covered.

Tools: Edugraphics

If you are looking to get started with some easy to use tools that require no training but are filled with helpful tips and tricks, than our infographics sets are for you. The tools includes topics such as communication, principles of teamwork, building inclusive teams and psychological safety. These tools will help you to build an inclusive company culture.


We have a webinars and articles that can help you to understand how to start an inclusion program that helps to drive employee engagement, teamwork and innovation and that will build a culture of inclusion.

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Client Case Study: Creating An Inclusive Workplace

After a national search, Culture Coach was hired by a non-profit organization of 200 employees to help the organization create a program to build a more inclusive company culture. CCI conducted a needs assessment using focus groups, interviews and an all-employee survey. The results were compiled and reported back to the organization. These findings served as the foundation for creating a three year diversity strategy. Culture Coach helped with starting a diversity committee, creating an implementation plan for achieving the goals, refining a reporting structure for the DEI work and the hiring of a diversity manager.  As part of the implementation plan, CCI has provided on-going employee and senior leader training programs and served as thought partner and consultant over the course of four years. All of this had the focus of putting into place inclusive workplace practices that are helping the client to achieve its goal of creating an inclusive workplace and workplace culture.

Blog Posts to Help You Build Inclusion

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