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There are no scheduled webinars at this time.

Check back regularly to look for upcoming opportunities!


Designing a DEI Strategy Series of Mini-Webinars

Designing a DEI Strategy
Designing a strategy that aligns with your organization’s strategic goals
Celebrating Diversity Months and Holidays
How celebrating diversity months and holidays is an important part of a DEI program
DEI Team Building and Education
Explore different approaches to team building and DEI education including team discussion guides
Working with DEI Councils
Techniques and best practices for forming and sustaining DEI Councils
Building a DEI Portal or Newsletter
A DEI portal can serve as an employee resource and newsletters keep employees informed
Choosing DEI
Choosing the right metrics for the work that you are doing and the story you are telling about your DEI work
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Education Offered With the Forum On Workplace Inclusion

Webinar: Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional

Podcast: Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional - questions from the webinar

Podcast: The Art of Diplomacy: Skills for DEI Practitioners from the Diplomatic World

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