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Diversity Strategy Master Class

Diversity Leaders Class

Talking Race @ Work Class

May 25 1-5 pm EST

Free Webinar: Diversity Lessons
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Limited to100 people. If it is full, please email us for a copy of the recording

Diversity Consulting

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We can provide training programs in person, using virtual platforms, using technology enabled micro-education or through teams and activities.

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Employees Training

Products & Tools

We provide provide tools to facilitate training and awareness that happens outside of the training room. Our products bring education to employees in break rooms, at desks, and in team meetings.

Curriculum Development

We work with companies that have internal training departments that lack the expertise to create training program in Diversity and Inclusion but they can deliver them.


Consulting & Coaching

We provide consulting services covering developing inclusivity and diversity strategies, and conducting focus groups. We also provide executive coaching.

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