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We deconstructed diversity, equity and inclusion down to its core principles.

We did this until we reach clarity on the other side of complexity.

We use this clarity to create training programs that are principle based and to provide consulting services that are practical in nature.

Diversity Consulting

Our Approach

Education and

We can provide training programs in person or using virtual platforms. Our programs are developed to your specific needs and customized to achieve your desired outcomes. 

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Employees Training

Products & Tools

Our latest products and tools can be found on our sister website:

Diversity Library: A self contained set of tools that teach about diversity months and topics.

DEI Medic:Principle based micro-learning on 16 different topics.

Fall 2023: We are pleased to announce the new product line called the Diversity Medic which is on our sister site:

The DEI Medic tools are set a self directed micro-learning tools that are brought together into theme based toolboxxes.

  • Introduction to DEI
  • Skill Building for Inclusion
  • Strengthening Teamwork
  • Building High Functioning Teams

Curriculum Development

We work with companies that have internal training departments that need assistance in developing training programs they will deliver internally.


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services covering developing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, conducting DEI surveys and conducting focus groups.  We also offer retainer services where we assist in implementation and offer guidance on DEI matters.

Our Services

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