Culture Coach International

A consulting firm specializing in diversity and cross cultural awareness

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Our passion and purpose is to help companies use diversity to
help teams
become effective and to drive business results.

Diversity Products

Training and awareness can happen outside of the training room. Our products bring education to employees in break rooms, at desks, and in team meetings.

Our goal is to solve teamwork issues that arise from diverse and multicultural teams. We do this by building respect across differences. By building respect, we are able to:

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce conflicts
  • Improve teamwork
  • Reduce cross-cultural issues
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement

Diversity and Inclusion Problems We Help Solve

Diversity Teamwork Issues Solved

The most common problems we help clients to solve through diversity training in the workplace are:

  • Generational issues
  • Communication challenges
  • A lack of respect from  team members
  • Lack of respect for diversity and different ways of viewing the world
  • Teams not working well together
  • Cultural differences in local or global teams
  • Employee disengagement

Methods That We Use To Solve Diversity and Inclusion Teamwork Issues

We help companies to solve the teamwork issues that arise from
diverse and multicultural teams.

Diversity Curriculum Development

We work with companies that have internal training departments that lack the expertise to create training program in Diversity and Inclusion but they can deliver them.

Diversity Insights and Assistance

With our deep expertise in both diversity and cross cultural issues, we can provide expert insights into strategy, program, and personnel issues through consulting, coaching, or presentations.

Customized Diversity and Inclusion Training

As we have never encountered a client with a generic diversity issue, we provide customized training programs designed to solve your particular problems. The training could be delivered in a training room or online.