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We help build diverse and inclusive workplace cultures where employees feel respected, valued and engaged.

News Flash

The work Culture Coach did with Columbia Construction to create a diversity plan is highlighted in a Constructor Magazine article.

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Our Principles

Our work is based on the clarity derived from a set of core principles:

  • We live our values, we don’t sell an agenda.

  • It is our belief that when we engage people with positive curiosity this results in collaborative and innovative teams that we all want to be part of.

  • Everyone can be part of creating an inclusive workplace culture.

  • We partner with internal teams to Increase productivity, Reduce conflict, and Increase the rate of innovation. We do this through using the “psychology of teamwork” to help teams and individuals to improve their performance. 


We provide services for organizations at all stages of the inclusion journey.

Getting Started
Building Workplace Inclusion

  • Developing strategies that align with organizational goals and values. 

  • Creating training programs that builds a positive curiosity about others

  • Structuring and starting councils and employee resource groups

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Building Infrastructure
and Writing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

  • Consulting to create action and implementation plans

  • Assisting with implementation through thought leadership and partnerships

  • Providing interactive and engaging training programs

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Deep Dive with Customized Inclusion Resources

  • Through training of trainers programs, supporting the development of in-house expertise and skills to deliver programs

  • Providing customized tools and resources.


We engage with our clients in meaningful ways to gain the most impactful outcomes from our programs.

Quality Deliverables

Deliverables aligned with and that support strategic organizational goals.

Client Focused

We know everyone starts in a different place. We meet our clients where they are at.

Customized Programs

We create customized training programs, strategic plans and curriculum that are tailored to meet their specific needs.


Priorities change, life happens. We get it. We adapt as we need to so that we can help our clients succeed. 

Forward Thinking
Our engagements start where you are at and move forward in practical and actionable ways.
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Check out our newest articles to keep yourself updated on all the latest DEI trends.

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“I am thrilled to wholeheartedly endorse Culture Coach International for their outstanding work in guiding our firm towards a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future. Kari Heistad, CEO, played an instrumental role in the creation and implementation of our strategic plan centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She brought a wealth of expertise and dedication to the table, helping us craft a comprehensive strategy tailored to our organization's unique needs and goals. She facilitated crucial discussions, ensuring that all voices were heard and perspectives valued, laying the groundwork for a culture of inclusivity and respect.”

- Bill Aalerud, Executive Vice President, Columbia

Read about Culture Coach's work with Columbia in this article in Constructor Magazine.

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